Monday, April 18, 2016

Recipes Part 2

More recipes to anyone that's interested.
Once I figure out how to organize them in one spot, I will do that.  Also, I need to figure out how to link recipes and other important things at the top of my posts. 
I hate when I see a recipe on Pinterest, click on it and then I am directed to a blog where I have to scan through 12 paragraphs about someone's husband, kids, favorite color and shoe size to get to it.
So as soon as I get it figured out, you can skip all my useless nonsense.

Turkey Burgers
These are my absolute fav.  Joe makes the burgers so I have no idea what all is in there but they are wonderful.  I think the pic sums up the "recipe."

Pizza Bowl
I felt so guilty eating this.  It really felt like I was eating pizza.  The first couple of bites felt funny with no pizza crust but I got over it by about bite 3.

The recipe can be found Here
Definitely check out her recipe blog.  Its called Gimme Some Oven, she's got great ideas!!
I didn't use nearly as much pizza sauce that's in this recipe and I just put everything into one casserole dish.

Peanut Butter Oat Squares
This is another favorite
3 Cups of rolled or quick oats
1/2 Cup of honey
1 Cup of peanut butter

I put the peanut butter and honey in the microwave for 45 seconds the mixed it all up in a glass baking dish and put it in the fridge.

Jazz up your water~!
This isn't really a recipe but it does make water easier to drink.  Pinterest claims that it's "flat tummy water."  Does it work? I'm not sure yet, I've had 34 oz. of water with the below ingredients in it and my tummy hasn't changed any.  It tastes good though.

Lemon slices

I make up these little packs and store in the fridge.

I have been on a serious salad kick lately.  I'm not going to upload any pics unless you find yourself at a loss with what you want to put in one.

And finally, I can't stress enough how important food prepping is.  Makes life so much easier and if you have an evening where you don't feel to great or you just don't feel like cooking, it's not a problem.

Here's our fridge, everything is prepped and ready to use.  I'm not ready to kick my Diet Coke habit just yet but I'm cutting back.  Tuck can't figure out how to access the fruit drawer.

He is such a big help in the kitchen!!


  1. These are fantastic & just what I'm looking for! Re the water, I LOVE cucumber water (& it helps with gout! A win-win for me!)! I'm loving your blog!! Keep em coming!!

  2. Yah! Another Thank you!

  3. The turkey burger,is that wrapped in lettuce?

  4. Yes, it is. Romaine works well for wraps.

  5. Yes, it is. Romaine works well for wraps.